Jesse Michael Howard playing Ernie Ball MusicMan Luke Guitar

the producer


Producing music has been a part of my life for 10 years. I started creating and producing music in my original band, and soon after began producing for other artists as well. Having a foundation as a musician has allowed me to be a better producer. I believe that the greatest role of a producer is to understand what the artist is trying to create and help them accomplish that in the best possible way. It seems like everyone can record music these days, but not everyone can create great art. As a producer that is my goal. I want to take my musical experiences and use them to help you achieve more than what you imagined your music could become. This takes time and thought. Giving every project time and thought is how I aim to separate myself from other producers. Using my professional experience and love for truly good music creates a unique combination that is difficult to find in studios today. At the end of the day I want my clients to be as proud as I am of the art we create.

the player


The roots of my musical career began eleven years ago as a guitar player. I spent the first portion of these years as the lead guitarist in an original band. These years were formative in becoming the player that I am today. I studied under Dave Beegle in Loveland, Colorado, for 6 years.  As a player, I have always worked hard to gain the technical skills of a guitarist, but it will be a lifelong pursuit to become the player I hope to be. After playing in my original band, I began playing as lead guitar for youtube phenomenon, Tyler Ward. In 2010, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to expand my musical career. Shortly after moving, I began touring with Big Kenny of Big and Rich as lead guitarist. I spent 2012 touring with up and coming country artist, Maggie Rose. I am currently band director for Susan Ashton. I have played for many other artists in Nashville as well, and have also had the great privilege of spending time in studios around town. As a player I aim to give people the feel and sound they desire while retaining the essential part of my playing that makes me unique. I believe that makes a great combination for whoever I am playing for, whether in the studio or on the stage.



I am also a coffee connoisseur of sorts and would love to offer you a fresh ground cup of French Press coffee should you decide to come over :)


– jmh


positive remarks


Jesse is a great guy and a bad@$$ player. The future is bright!
– Big Kenny of Big and Rich


“Having Jesse as a part of my band for a year was a huge blessing. He was always prepared and on time and not only that, he greatly impacted our live sound for the better and contributed to the evolution of my music with his playing. I will definitely miss having my friend on the road and he will be impossible to replace.”
– Maggie Rose – Artist


“Jesse is the best of the best when it comes to TEAM players. He is a GREAT guitar player, singer and most of all a great LEADER. Jesse was a HUGE asset to RPM and our door will always be open to him.”
– April Rider – Senior Vice President RPM Entertainment, former VP of Promotions at Curb


“I have had the pleasure to work with Jesse for over 3 years in various capacities. I originally hired him to produce several demos for my publishing company, but after witnessing his talent as a musician and producer, I hired him as the band leader for 2 of my country artists. I can honestly say that Jesse is the consummate professional. He has the ability to bring out the very best creatively in those he works with. I would encourage anyone who is seeking a good producer with reasonable rates to look no further than Jesse Howard. You won’t regret it!”
– Sheila Bauer – Identical Entertainment


“Jesse Michael Howard is a phenomenal guitarist, fantastic producer, and completely wonderful person!! He’s fast–he gets his parts really quickly, but he’s also extremely thorough and dedicated to producing an excellent product. I’ve done quickie worktapes and full productions with him now, and I’m thrilled with how they’re all coming out! Jesse is really easy to work with and genuinely cares that his clients are happy with his work. I feel very fortunate to have such an incredible, affordable studio right down the street from me! If Jesse’s not down the street from you, he’s worth the trip!!”
– Deanna Walker – Songwriter


Dangerous D-Box and  Dangerous 2Bus lt Hardware JMH Studios sign

the gear

Great gear does not make great music, but great music sounds better through great gear. jmh studios is dedicated first and foremost to music. Each piece of gear, each instrument, and every tool is designed to work in conjunction with musicians and songwriters to achieve their goals. Whether it’s the top of the line Lynx analog to digital converters, or the Dangerous 2 Bus which gives true analog summing and mixing, or world famous Neve and API preamps, each piece works from the ground up to create modern sounding music with the beauty and warmth of analog gear.





Custom DAW built by Steve Lamm at Cryptic Globe Recording. Specs- Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, Intel I7 quad core 3.2 ghz, 6 gb ram




Lynx Aurora 16 with rme/aes card, Dangerous 2Bus lt, Dangerous D-Box, Mackie HR-824 monitors, Neve 1073lb preamp, API 512c preamp, Blue Robbie preamp, Drawmer 1968me dual channel vacuum tube compressor




Cubase 6, UAD-2 quad core omni plug in package with over 50 of UA’s award winning plug ins, Native Instrument’s Komplete 9 Ultimate, Superior Drummer, Drumagog with Steven Slate platinum add on package, Melodyne




Peluso P12 tube microphone, Blue Dragonfly, Shure Beta 52, Shure Beta 57, Shure SM 57’s, Shure SM 81, Nady ribbon



instruments and amps

I am sponsored by Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars (obviously) Ernie Ball Music Man Luke, Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee, Ernie Ball Music Man Axis, custom made acoustic guitar by Michael Bashkin, I am also sponsored by K&K Sound and use their Trinity System pickup, Taylor 514-CE, Takamine classical, M-Audio midi keyboard, Vox AC-30, Orange AD-30, Fender Twin Reverb


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